The REAL scoop on MX!

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DPReview is Entertainment - reader beware

Never understand why people get so upset in these forums, you have to look at them as entertainment because nowhere is it ever stated that the information you get here is real or valid.

This is not an attack on the OP, he stated more or less, here is what I was told, and to be honest, he is just relaying what he was told which has no way of being verified.

You could say people come here to learn and I will tell you this about getting your education from public and open forums, BEWARE! You often have no idea or insurancec on the information you find here. Much of it is subjective and its always up to the reader to filter and process what they read and what they decide to believe.

IE, its up to you and there is little point in being upset at anything you read here.

lol, nothing against anyone who posts anything here. BTW, you need to filter and process what I am saying for its value, I make no guarentees to my accuracy, this is simply opinion.

Happy reading!

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