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Re: EVF only, no DSLR?

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

vbd70 wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

As much as I admire Nikon, I am having a little trouble picturing
their first MF system starting such a wild feeding frenzy that it
outsells the entire existing medium format industry by a factor of 12.

Joe, while I agree in principle, if the new camera will be priced
around D3 or less,

Which I view as unlikely...

and will be compatible with all F lenses (plus of
course the new ones that will be released but that one doesn't need
to buy immediately) with a larger-than-12MP "Fx crop" pixel size,

This would require the camera to support FX lenses, probably via an
adapter. The back focus (minimum distance between rear element and
sensor) for FX is 39mm. That was determined 5 decades ago by the arc
the mirror made when it swings.

Being pedantic it's a little less than 39mm, the rear element to film plane distance on the 58mm f/1.4 nikkor-S auto was 37.7mm. What is fixed is ther mounting flange to film plane distance of 46.5mm. None of this changes your conclusions one iota.

For an SLR, making the sensor larger means making the mirror bigger,
which means increasing the back focus.

So, unless Nikon makes the new camera a pure EVIL (EVF only, no DSLR
mirror) it simply can't use existing lenses.

if - when

Stick with "if".

released - the new lenses will be oriced in the high-F line
prices, then I bet it will sell quite a bit. I know I will get one.
If it will be priced Hassy-like,

I don't see how it won't be. Lower quantities and much more expensive
sensors isn't bringing it down to D3 price...

and the new lenses will also be
priced accordingly, then you are totally right.

OK, I did not talk about the cost of the computer processing needs in
the camera, true, but if the Sensor is about 2X, then the computer
power needed will be about 2X,

No, it really doesn't. I don't think one wants a MF system to shoot 9

Most definitely. It needs to be slightly faster than all existing MF
and than the new announced Leica S2.

That shouldn't be hard. Those guys are years behind Nikon and Canon
in processor power. If the D3 processor can do 9 fps at 12mp, it can
do 3 fps at 36mp. That seriously outruns any MF gear, including S2.

If this is true, I actually think it will mostly penalize Leica, more
than the established MF players at least in the short term, but they
will have some time to regroup; Leica will end up having developed a
machine that will be tackled on features and price by the new Nikon
even before it will see the light of day...


Personally, whether or not Nikon enters the arena, I don't see that
much chance of the S2 ever making it into production. Just a hunch
that someone at Leica is going to wise up and say "fix the M first".

Interesting times indeed! Let's just wait and see. Best,


And my best to you, too.

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Ciao! Joseph

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