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Re: Ocham's razor...

b33g33 wrote:

What I find interesting is that you seem to spend a lot of time
trying to discredit the OP and anyone who supports it while you
started another thread about how you think the MX format should look

Why is that "interesting"?

He's made statements that are not consistent with either logic or with each other, and then most likely fabricated an "official" source to attempt to give his own guesses more believability. A logical fallacy typically referred to as an "appeal to authority".

I simply stated my beliefs in the thread I started, clearly labeled as such.

Also, I really don't get the personal attacks. The guy made a clear
disclaimer that he was just passing along some info. Maybe he's
trying to have some fun and get some attention, but it looks like he
still got a lot of us (including you) thinking in some new directions.

I have been thinking in those directions for quite some time. The OP deserves no credit for starting any useful trains of thought.

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