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angstrom wrote:

the glaring difference in tone between this thread and the same thing
posted on lightstalkers. there is so much aggression and paranoia and
willful misunderstanding here that it hardly makes it worth engaging
with. yes, i know that not all dpreview people are as bolshy and
obtuse as cityphotographer but that tone is becoming more and more
prevalent. get over yourself, man.

ted - well done for persevering with this, yes i've signed and very
much hope that something comes of it!
cheers, david

that's why this forum is good. You find posters not talking with their pinky finger up in here.

I made the mistake to listen to some idiot and converted a shoot to DNG. some two years ago.

DNG may be good to Adobe but made a shoot of mine not easy (or extremely complicated) to open. Thank God I converted just 1 shoot.

that's the reality. Adobe can keep playing with the toy but as far as I'm concerned DNG is not good to me.

I believe that's my duty as a good poster to tell the truth and freely express my view and experience and since I keep my pinky finger down when I hold a glass then I may come down pretty hard on things. LOL

and again talking about Adobe why the future 5DII users need to buy a new adobe product in the form of an upgrade to open the "regular" raws? still talking about raws .. LOL

if they don't then the manufacturer's software is their only hope because ACR won't open anything.


if they are so willing to share for free why this is happening?

peculiar, isn't it?

Adobe is a private corporation and they can do whatever they want with their products, but since they wanted to promote this "free raw" concept then I must point that out.

still with my pinky finger down.

now let me try to move my pinky finger up for a moment.

let's see...

nah .. that's not "me"


strange things happen lately: microsoft and google sponsoring the orphans but enforcing their rights to copy, and all at the same time.

adobe promoting a free raw standard and moving up with mandatory upgrades to handle the raws (it happened with the D2x and now with the 5DII)

we need more pinky finger down people in the forums, believe me.

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