Moire Reduction actions comparison

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Moire Reduction actions comparison

Well there's not yet an S2vsD100vsD60 direct comparison but at least we can have a comparison between Moire Reduction actions and QM Pro for the Fuji S2 Pro.

I've translated in practice the suggestions from Paul W. Walters and Thom Hogan regarding the steps to follow to eliminate the moire artifact jumped out in some S2's images and I've realized two little actions under Photoshop 7.0; in addition I've dowloaded a fully functional demo ( restricted only to 20 imgs. max ) of Quantum Mechanics Pro.

Then I've applied the actions to one of the most moired photos I've seen so far from an S2 : the wedding shot from Fuji's official web site. This shot is critical for the S2 due to the very fine weft of the tulle.

Original untouched

Original + QM Pro ( Red Radius 13, Blue Radius 13 - other settings to default - QM Pro sharpening disabled ) - no other adjustments

Original + Paul Walters method ( Gaussian Blur value set to 6 ) - no other adjustments

Original + Thom Hogan method ( Gaussian Blur value set to 4 for Red and Blue channels ) - no other adjustments

Despite the fact that in Thom's suggested method the Gaussian Blur values are lower ( 4vs6 ) there's some green/magenta cast due to the fact that u'll modify the Red and Blue channels only leaving the Green one intact. Better results IMHO, repeat IMHO, are obtained performing Paul's method and assigning, depending on the amount of moire noise, a Gaussian Blur value between 4 and 7 to all the R,G,B channels.

Printed out the results on a Stylus 2100 ( 2200 in the US ) and the best results were achieved following Paul W. Walters suggestion.

I just wanted to make my VERY little contribution to the fellows of this great forum.

IMPORTANT : Thom specified that its necessary to carefully select the moire'd area ONLY and then apply his method so the green/magenta cast would be inexistent in the other areas of the photograph.

The problem, from my humble point of view, is that time is time and it's far more simple to perform a batch action on the whole shot. Making precise multiple selections on a shot costs minutes and if u must work on several images it translates in hours. U can operate the selection of the moire'd areas in Paul's action also.

NOTE : Don't misunderstand me, I don't want to start useless polemics, it's only my personal and humble point of view. Probably I'm totally wrong.



PS Excuse me for my english. It could be possible that I've expressed myself in a wrong way. If so, I apologize.

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