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Re: hm...

echelon2004 wrote:

If it works well it means that we soon won't be needing dng at all,
all we need is a way to tell the raw converter that the file really
is a raw file. Should be fairly easy, just a "manual override" of the
file extension.

No, a raw converter can't deduce all of the required information. Some of it requires generation from the camera specification or by testing the camera in a lab.

For 3rd-party suppliers, (Adobe, Aperture, Phase One, etc), this need for a camera is one of the reasons for the delay in support when a new camera is launched. Sometimes, when it is very much like a previous model, it is possible to guess - dcraw sometimes guesses. (For example, the D70s was very much like the D70, and the same parameters would work). Adobe tends not to guess, but waits until it gets a camera.

This is why the Adobe DNG Converter is released at the same time as a new version of ACR and nearly the same time as a new version of Lightroom - all 3 products are based on lab testing of a new set of cameras.

Apple apparently puts the camera details into the operating system rather than the raw converter, but the principle is the same - they need to identify the camera characteristics somehow (I guess they too obtain cameras to test) then issue an update.

The advantages of having the camera maker output the DNG is that they already know these details and so can avoid this delay. (Also, they can control their colour response instead of letting individual 3rd-party software companies make their own decisions).

I find it a bit stange that Nikon and Canon wouldn't prefer to ensure that the DNG tags were set up as THEY wanted them set up, to give the results that THEY wanted from the 3rd-party suppliers, instead of risking that Adobe and others would make choices that might not show the camera at its best.

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