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links I wanna see the non adobe converters

And there are 100s of other not-Adobe products that would be able to
read the DNGs from Canons and Nikons.

links, lets see the software

scenario: I do have a shoot (2006 new year's eve in times square) converted to DNG (I do, really. I deleted the raws by mistake and I only have the DNG files now: seriously!)

I'm weith my my laptop and I'm away from my office and I need to open the files and I don't have ACR. what do I do?

with the raw files I'd download the manufacturer software and open/adjust the raws with no problem.

so I downloaded irfanview: first attempt to open a DNG file failed. Now I am (literally) searching for some plugin or something. The DNG files are still locked and I'm still unable to open. If I keep searching will I be able to read and convert with irfanview? thrill. I'm searching the internet and I'm getting a little nervous now. Then finaklly: I had to download the formats plugin , learn how to install, install it and then finally I had the DNG opened. Finally.

now can I rely on this kind of amateurish approach to handle my work?


I'd rather rely on Canon, and in case I can call and get professional support.

this was a real life scenario, I need a reliable software to open those damn DNG before I put my work in the hands of amateurs: and when I made the conversion do DNG I was listening to someone like you telling me that "it's OK..go ahead, DNG is good)

here we go.


Barry Pearson wrote:

cityphotographer wrote:

but you need an adobe product to do that

you still don't see the point?
and why I'm not willing to kid around about this?

Not true.

If the camera outputs DNG (whether as its only raw format or as an
option) there is then no need to use ANY Adobe product.

For example, a Pentax user can currently set the camera to use DNG
rather than PEF, and then use the Pentax software which can read
those DNGs (as well as PEFs of course).

And there are 100s of other not-Adobe products that would be able to
read the DNGs from Canons and Nikons.

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