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Re: Won't matter ...

echelon2004 wrote:

They know just as well as we do that DNG is useless if the raw
converter doesn't support the native file (cfa needs to be specified).

Not true. In fact, I don't know of any raw converters that only support DNGs if they also support the native raws of that camera.

At one time, there were two very well known raw converters that had that restriction: Apple's Aperture and Pixmantec's Rawshooter. They caused people to think that this was a problem with DNG, rather than simply a design limitation with those software products. (Rawshooter is no longer available; Aperture 2.0 cured this limitation).

So common was this belief that in June 2006 I created the following page, and began to populate it with the identities of raw converters that supported DNG more comprehensively. Most of the details on this page were from my own personal experience with the raw converters concerned and raw images that I obtained from various sources:

I haven't bothered to update that page since February. It identifies about 14 products that supported DNGs but not the native raws of certain cameras at the time I tested them. There is no point in continuing the exercise - the results there prove that there is no such limitation in DNG itself. It was always a software design limitation.

Apart from information on that page, a fuller description of how DNG achieves this is at the following pages:

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