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Re: Thom's updated his D3 review text ...

b33g33 wrote:

Re-reading Thom's D3 review I came across this recent update:
"The first hint of change came in August 2007, [snip]

I did not update my review. That was in my original wording.

You'll know what I mean by that statement sometime just
before Photokina 2008. By mid-2009 I don't think anyone is going to
doubt Nikon's commitment to the high-end market."

Well, my timing as usual was a bit optimistic on the first part. But I'll still stick by the second statement. However, please note that you're inferring what you want to from my words. I did not say "By mid-2009 Nikon will have a third pro format." I simply said that Nikon would be fully re-established with a broad line of cameras that can be called pro.

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