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Barry Pearson
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Re: So you'd be at Adobe's mercy instead???

Mike_PEAT wrote:

So you're trading one proprietary format for another? It's not like
Adobe has given away DNG to every software manufacturer like JPEG was.

Yes they have. You (and they) have a published licence to exploit DNG, and sell products that use it, royalty-free. You can also use the DNG SDK (which is source-code based) if you want to, and modify it is you need to.

Just look at the fiasco and complaints about CS4 and RAW support in
the Open Talk forum.

DNG is the solution to those problems, not the cause of them. The complaints about CS4 are coming from people who DON'T use DNG, not from people who DO!

Anyone using DNG can use Photoshop CS (or CS2, or CS3) to process their raw image data even from recently launched cameras. CS supports (via the DNG route) at least 150 camera models that were launched after CS was released.

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