The REAL scoop on MX!

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Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

RKGoth wrote:

Not buying it. If the sensor is larger than FF, then the power
requirements, viewfinder requirements (no pro is going to want an EVF
on a > FF sensor camera), processing requirements are going to need a
bigger body than the D3. The Mamiya ZD was immense for a DSLR, though
still "comparable" with the D3.

I own both, they are about exactly the same size and weight. Nikon being much better than Mamiya at designing advanced electronic devices, I am confident that they could roughly stick to a D3 like size and include a MF sensor.

Unless Nikon are going to pitch up against the Leica S2, which I
think would be madness (the S2 already - to me - looks like a very
curious choice when the same money will get you an H3DII-31 or 39) I
can't see them bothering to move out of the 35mm market unless they
were going to launch something like a digital "rangefinder"
equivalent, like the G1 but true 35mm or similar.

Some possible reasons here:


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