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Re: Nikon should obviously go MF

Bernard Languillier wrote:

  • Nikon has been running behind the 35 mm competition in terms of

perceived high end, and it will be hard for them to release something
that really differentiates them from the compeition -> they need a
paradigm shift.

They've already done that - the D3's performance and their aggressive marketing and product strategy have seen them massively increase their market share for pro cameras.

Anyway you look at it, Nikon does have any choice, they HAVE to go MF.

The only reason Nikon would have to go MF is if Canon did. And MF has not been an area which is going to see massive growth; the ZD actually represented a simple, easy to use camera for the MF market. Even if it had been equipped with something better than the Dalsa 22Mp sensor, it would have flopped (as it did). I used one, lovely machine, dog slow and useless over 160 ISO - but the movement required to bring that camera into "prosumer" expectations of performance would be immense.

People don't want to spend £2,000+ on ordinary glass. People don't want to spend £7,000+ on their bodies. If they do, they want something flexible with a very long useful life, so they want a system with upgradeable backs.

Much as I'd like to see a digital Fujica 645, it's not going to happen. The processing requirements for that sort of image size require more space for cooling, more space for the battery and more space for RAM.

If Nikon prove me wrong then I'll be first in the queue for what they produce, but I cannot see any reason for them to introduce a medium format digital system, let alone a DSLR.

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