The REAL scoop on MX!

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Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

mn57 wrote:

Why would some "girl" at a Nikon call center know so many details,
including price point, about a product that hasn't even been
announced? This is not how leaks are done by an old, successful
company as conservative as Nikon! And why would her supervisor let
her spill her guts to a total stranger---one anonmymous Joe---for the
better part of an hour? Why would Nikon shoot themselves in the foot
by releasing a product that completely and utterly destroys the D700
after barely 5 months on the market? And why did I waste 2 minutes
typing a response to something so completel absurd? Good grief!

Leaks have always been out pre-production for many Nikon cameras. The argument has often been that specs and photos were intentionally leaked by Nikon themselves. Maybe this time they chose this way to spread the rumor. Who knows...

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