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Re: ...but is it practical ($ wise)

I think they will be aiming squarely at the $7-10k price bracket, which was recently vacated through the obsolescence of the 1DsIII. How quickly they'll be able to drive the price down to that level I don't know.

For many shooters, those whose businesses could justify the purchase of a 1DsIII, this may give them a competitive edge that they can't get in the 35mm DSLR category. Japanese wedding shooters, commercial photographers, fashion photographers, high-end portraitists, and some landscapers, will find a home for it. When the price gets down to $5k, the rest of us might snap at it.

samjNC wrote:

will this be something like the 200-500 2.8 sigma, nice that it is
around, but not really practical to purchase?

Why care about something which is in the 5 figures to purchase?

Do you really think the cost will go down dramatically in the next 5

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