5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: i would like to see crops from those two:

Rootbeer wrote:

Rootbeer wrote:

kristian1 wrote:

if its possible 100% crop from those pictures:

thank you!

.....& out-takes too! I'd love to see a proofs of all the
shots,...not just the ones you decided to post to show the glory of
the 5D's AF performance at f4 at 1600 iso, and 125ths....which is
what I would call, good light!

BTW, couldn't you have shot a little tighter..?

Try shooting at 1/30ths at f2.0, with a 135mm f2.0 L, 5D, 1600iso
with reliable AF, of a subject moving around the outside of the stage
that they made for him to walk around on,..but didn't.. and instead
chose to walk around the dark table seating areas instead! Regardless
of my lousy tools ..(the 5D), I had to shoot this low contrast large
guy against a sea of people with more contrast than him! .....kind of
like the opposite of your "sucky" photos.. In some spots the
table seating was brighter than him, who is wearing all black,....and
then brag about how great the AF of the 5D is!

I used Manual focus because the AF of the 5D was giving me nothing
but mush!:

P.O.S. 5D AF if you ask me!

I can nail your type of shot easily with my 5D. All I saw was a big guy standing. This guy can't be moving that fast. My mages show more activities than yours. Next time use your flash to focus without firing it.

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