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Re: Not a DSLR, EVF only?

Several years ago I had a small Canon P&S -- a pretty good one, actually -- that was EVF only. I didn't like it much, because I was used to Nikon SLR and DSLR optical view finders, but it worked. It would take a bold decision, but if Nikon were to come out with a full-frame EVF (full-frame for whatever medium format size is used) or even larger-than-full-frame, so you got more of a rangefinder effect...and if it used the latest, most modern screen for the EVF, which would be tons better than the EVF on that old might work. And it would certainly open up some downstream possibilities for Nikon.

The thing that I'm most curious about is that we have one, solid, known fact (or we think we do) about the MX, and that is that the first ad was aimed at wedding photographers, who (no offense meant) are sort of the Augean Stable cleaners of professional photography, rather than at high-end professional photographers who normally would go for MF gear. What does that mean? To me, it means that this will not be a standard MF camera, but something different, and perhaps, not as quite as desirable as a regular MF. It might be more like a low-cost, low-end MF with good ISO qualities -- say, stitched D3 sensors -- which is what a wedding photographer needs...but without the super-high-end resolution that a wedding photographer doesn't need (don't need those bridal blemishes) and that an advertising shooter might require...

Just a thought.


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