5D AF sucks---see examples

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Sal Baker wrote:

Asteroidx wrote:

The contrast is extremely high - of course it's going to focus
easily. Try focusing in a low diffused light setting.

Why would someone want to shoot in lighting they never need to shoot
in just to prove to someone else that their camera doesn't really
work well for things they don't shoot?

He didn't make any outrageous claims. Only that his 5D's AF works
perfectly for the style of shooting and lighting that's fits his


Sal, he made outrageous claims that the 5D's AF was good.. in his "funny" way of saying that it was sucky, and then posting a bunch of photos taken in good lighting, at f4, that he shot with an f2.8 IS lens, with high contrast, against a black wall, with directional light.

Sal, The reason why someone would point out to him that his examples are poor to judge the AF of the camera, and then to suggest that he should shoot in poorer lighting conditions, is because sometimes, us photographers HAVE TO!


I was forced to get usable shots of an author walking around a room, shot with the 5D, 1600 iso, 135mm f2.0, at f2.0, at a 30th of a second... 4 stops poorer lighting than what the OP was shooting at! In addition, my subject was a large man wearing black pants and matching black shirt, and he not in one spot, but moving around a room, filled with people who were lighted better than he was, which caused the 5D to "see" them and back focus on every shot I used AF on, hence the reason why I manual focused everything after I noticed that the 5D was not providing anything near acceptable results.

In addition, I wasn't allowed to use flash. I just had to do my job, and get usable shots to satisfy my client, which I did.

After reading your comment above, I really wonder what you would have been able to accomplish if you were stuck beside me with the same requirements.

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