Mac online backup question.

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Re: Mac online backup question.

I've used Dropbox for some time to share files between my home pc (mac), work (linux) and my family (all windows). I'm just using the free 2GB service but it works beautifully and syncing is fast.

For larger off site backups I will use Crashplan. The client is $25 and that 's it. You can backup 10 machines and use as much storage as your backup server have room for. I'm just waiting for a fix for a proxy support so I can put my old pc at my office and run the backup server there. Right now crashplan won't go though our firewall...I've asked for a feature update.

Simone Ueberwasser wrote:

Check this out:

the chart gives you all the information you need about capacities.

Here is the information about deleted files etc:

Mind, I don't use dropbox (yet), I'm still evaluating, but it looks
really good to me.

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