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Not a DSLR, EVF only?

dchphoto wrote:

I called Nikon service center (800 number) and talked with a girl
there about a lens issue I'm needing repaired. I then casually asked
her if she knew anything about the new Nikon camera announcement
coming up. Surprisingly, she had a lot of info. I asked lots of
questions and she seemed to tell me everything she new about the new
MX format. Anyway, long story short, here is what she knew for sure:

1. November 20th- Nikon to announce new MX camera with larger than FF

Then why is Nikon's "Something Big" advertising campaign tied to WPPI, February 2009?

You don't think if this thing were ready for December production, they wouldn't have made it the biggest attention getter of Photokina?

2. Camera available two weeks after announcement.


3. New lens line but will work with older ff lenses.

Do you think the new camera is going to be a pure EVF (or EVIL: Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) camera without an SLR optical viewfinder?

The back focus (minimum distance between rear element and sensor) for FX is 39mm. That was determined 5 decades ago by the arc the mirror made when it swings.

For an SLR, making the sensor larger means making the mirror bigger, which means increasing the back focus.

The only way to make this work is to do like Panasonic did with Micro Four Thirds, do away with the SLR mirror. Personally, I'm ready for this, but I don't think the camera buying public is...

4. The sensor will be more than 24mp

I should hope so. Leif is desperately trying to move their old stock 26mp Aptus backs, with a 33x44mm sensor.

and the ff crop mode is greater than 12mp!

If it were merely 12mp, then a 24mp MX would have a 34x51mm sensor, with a 61mm diagonal, making it one of the largest FF sensors on the market.

5. Camera is d700 sized!

Well, that goes hand in hand with the "pure EVIL" theory.

6. will ship with "pro" mx kit lens.

Pro cameras don't typically ship with lenses. Pros buy backup bodies.

7. She has seen the actual camera.

A service desk staffer? Not unless this was a deliberate and calculated leak on Nikon's part.

Point 8, and the following 1-4 are so far off the wall that they make 1-7 above look reasonable.

She didn't indicate any of this was secret and I was really glad to
get the info. Who knows, maybe she is completely full of hot air.

For the product information statements to be true requires these assumptions...

1) That a support person would have this information
2) That she would be authorized to give it out

3) That this is therefore a deliberate and premeditated leak on the part of Nikon management.

For all the product info to be false, and your statement about her being "full of hot air" to be true requites three assumptions.

1) That she would risk her job in order to greatly prolong a service call when she is being rated on the time it takes her to process calls, and she knows that she can get caught doing this (this call may be monitored for training purposes).

2) That she would make up information, knowing that her support staff training said she was never to make statements concerning company policy, product plans, etc (this call may be...)

That it is you who made up this whole thing requires only one assumption.

Ocham's razor is not on your side.

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