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Re: The reason it is so UN reasonable is that Nikon staff

hey Manny,

have they played our interview yet? I haven't been actively
listening, but also haven't received any email from Don. Have

I think you sounded great on it, and our conflicting each other
on our perspectives & tecnniques was exactly what I had in
mind for a more dynamic interview. I think it worked quite well.

BTW: have you heard of Erik Hildebrant? I spoke with him on
the phone just the other day with a question I had for him. If
you don't know him, he's indeed one of the very top aviation
photgs in the world. He knows of me quite well and very much
likes my own work. Which is very uplifting to me. But what's
amazing is that he & I are virtually identical in our own views &
techniques, let alone our personalities. Soooo, as you can guess,
an interview with Erik & me would be - well... quite boring!!!

Good Job!
And it was Fun!


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