The REAL scoop on MX!

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The reason it is so UN reasonable is that Nikon staff


Just think, if she was prevy enough to have that info, it means she is too close to the product and definitely a leak/mole/untrained... Nikon I believe would NOT let someone with access to the general public be someone who will just carelessly say so much abou a new product.

Why she? and not official challens?

Why is the info so unprotected? If so, why not just come with it officially?

Real leaks are when mistakes are made in the careful protection of a product release,

I think this conversation was more like "wishful thinking"

And why did you feel like coming here and posting about it when it is not solid or concrete in any stretch of the imagination?

It is JUST like UFOs:

: They only come to the U.S.
: They always show up in some corn field in Indiana
: They NEVER come to Times Square on New Years Eve
: It is always someone who is NOT a NASA scientist who spots it.
: Videos or Photos of it are ALWAYS of the worst possible quality.

Yet some people swear by it...

If MX is coming, I 'd be surprised. It just seems to me the SWEET SPOT for photography and the business that Nikon/Canon are after is 35mm sized sensors and lenses and bodies sized almost perfectly: Not too small, not too large.

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