The REAL scoop on MX!

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Why some of it is true.

Well I'm not making it up. I think most people here if they had been given an earfull on a new camera by a Nikon employee and had no nps restrictions would post here. The reason I think she was telling the truth on what she knew is that there were many of my questions she did not know the answer to. She didn't have an answer to everything. Perhaps I should have posted "These are her wild @ss guesses" below what she had partial info on. At any rate, what she had no info at all on, but was just speculating, I did not even post. When I asked her about Nikon's new camera, SHE brought up MX, etc. I personally would have preferred a FF 24mp d700 type camera. I think her story is more credible than the camera store owners' or some friend who knows somebody. She could be full of bs, we will see in about 11 days.

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