The REAL scoop on MX!

Started Nov 9, 2008 | Discussions thread
Bob Quinn Senior Member • Posts: 2,204
Let's wait and see

I also don't get the unwarranted animosity toward the OP. It's really not a problem - as has been said, we'll find out soon enough.

I do see a potential problem with a larger than FX sized sensor, disallowing for a huge breakthrough with existing sensor technology (what, black silicon already?!).

And that is, to use existing lenses on a FX+ sized sensor, it seems that vignetting would become a major problem. I never had it with the D300, but with the D700, at certain focal lengths and apertures, it does happen. With a much larger sensor, vignetting seems impossible to avoid. Even if the light could somehow be evenly spread out over the larger sensor, it would have to lessen the intensity of the light striking it, making for slower exposures.

The only way I can see to counter the vignetting problem would be much more aggressive in-camera anti-vignetting algorithm, and/or a likewise Capture NX solution.

If such a camera is produced, and it doesn't come with a line of FX+ matching lenses, I believe it would have to be intended primarily for studio shooters. And more so, should the pixels be densely packed.

So while this leads me to a bit of skepticism, I'll allow for the possibility that Nikon could have found a way overcome the vignetting in some way.

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