Christmas Print Trading 2008

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Christmas Print Trading 2008

Last year Darren M. came up with a great idea; A Christmas print trading.

An idea I liked so much, I would like to start it again for this year and because Darren left us, I asked him if it's OK with him if I would start it this year. And he kindly agreed.

So this was his call last year:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"With November being only four hours away for me, I have been thinking. The
holiday season is coming up quickly and in order to share the spirit, I have an
idea. How about doing a Christmas print exchange?

What I am thinking is that if you are interested, you can add your name to this
list. I will close it out on November 25th, to give time to conquer the busy
mailing system. At that time, I will take the names of everyone who has thrown
his/her name in and put them into a hat. Then, I will draw the names out of
the hat one by one. The first name out will send a print to the second name

out, who will send to the third, and so on. The last one will send a print to the
first name on the list. In this way, everyone who participates will receive one
print and send one out. Also, we won't know whose work we will be receiving
until the end. Seems fair to me.

Now, I am not sure if rules is the proper word to use, but the guidelines will be as follows.

1. Prints should be A4/Letter sized if printed at home or 8x10/12 if printed at a lab.

2. All prints should be on high quality, durable paper.

3. The sender of the print is responsible for the cost of the print as well as the postage.

4. While the receiver of a print is free to make a request or suggestion as to what

type of print he/she receives, it is ultimately up to the sender as to what gets sent.

I think this can be a kind of fun way to expand what we have on our walls, as
well as a way for us to have our own prints (potentially) hang in a country we
have never visited. There are lots of excellent photographers here, so lots of
good prints should be exchanged. If we start this now and end it on November
25th, that should get things more or less done before the Christmas rush
becomes overwhelming.

If you don't celebrate Christmas, that is totally cool, consider this the late 2007
photo exhange instead. The name is not so important, after all.

If you are interested, add your name to this thread. At the end, everyone will
have to sort out how to contact the others involved. It should be easy
enough to pass along email addies.

Have fun."


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Because last year there were some difficulties in communication between participants, I think mostly because of a lot of e-mail adresses are not vissible to each other. And also to be a bit more shure to know everybody is really going to sent the photo's. I want to make a small change to the rules:

New rule:

If you are in to this 2008 Christmas Print trade, sent me an email with your confirmation.

Then I will take on the 26th of november a draw and sent everybody a e-mail back with the person he or she has drawn with his or hers e-mail adress. And I will also publish a list in this thread (whitout the e-mail addresses).

You can find my e-mail address in my profile.

I hope this will be as much fun as last year.

So, have fun.

With kind regards, Jos

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