Mac online backup question.

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Re: Mac online backup question.

No risk for viruses since the backup files are encrypted and compressed. You cannot see them as files on the backup server. As I mentioned, you can have YOUR machine running at your parents or friends place. All they do is provide power and a closet for it to sit in.

What I did was to create a virtual machine at home on my pc. Configured it as a backup server for crashplan. Created the initial +100GB of backup. After that I moved it to another machine (the VM is contained on a USB drive). On that other machine you can use VMware Server (free) that will run you vm in the background. Needs only diskspace and maybe 200mb ram. Shutsdown with the host pc and boots up in the background. No one will notice it's there.

cherrybloke wrote:
Cool solution, but I have 175 gigs to back up. Not too many people
I'd trust to keep their computers clean of viruses and other malware.

webfrasse wrote:
Check out Crashplan,

Your offsite backup can be your own pc sitting at a friends house...

Also Time Machine will do the versioning of your files...backup the
TM backup offsite.

cherrybloke wrote:

Most backup services simply mirror the local harddrive. So if you
delete files on the local drive, the backup files on your server will
also be deleted. My fear is that a virus or some other mishap could
delete my files on my local drive, and then, my files would be
deleted on the backup server.

Some backup services will actually archive files though. (iDrive) In
other words, once files are backed up to the server, those files will
never be deleted unless you delete them directly from the server.
Howvever, iDrive's personal account only allows for 150GB of data on
the server, and will not allow you to add incrementally to this for a

Any other alternatives that truly archive files and don"t cost and
arm and a leg?

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