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who's gonna handle the raws?



I'd rather count on canon or nikon for the raw support in the long run, given the fact that adobe has the tendency of selling a new software when a major model is about to hit the market

(d2x and 6D mark II for example: you need to upgrade in order to use the raws)

so thanks but no thanks

ted w dillard wrote:

I've been lurking on the forum for years... sorry I haven't made
much of a contribution, but I wanted to throw this out there, for
what it's worth.

I've tossed together a petition to send a message to camera makers to
support the DNG file format, and Adobe's efforts to offer this as a
universal, open format. It's not going to change the world as we
know it, but maybe it can help the DNG efforts. It just takes a
second to sign it, and your personal information will stay personal.

I'd suggest if you're not current on DNG, you can read Adobe's site
There's a great interview here, on DPR, with Tom Hogarty of Adobe:
...explaining some of the details and the current status of DNG and
the ISO filing process.

And just to be clear, this petition is not about replacing the
makers' RAW file format , it's about adding DNG to the shooting
option (specifically Nikon and Canon). It's a start!

Here's the link:

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