The REAL scoop on MX!

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Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

Did you record the conversation or were you taking notes?.

dchphoto wrote:

I called Nikon service center (800 number) and talked with a girl
there about a lens issue I'm needing repaired. I then casually asked
her if she knew anything about the new Nikon camera announcement
coming up. Surprisingly, she had a lot of info. I asked lots of
questions and she seemed to tell me everything she new about the new
MX format. Anyway, long story short, here is what she knew for sure:

1. November 20th- Nikon to announce new MX camera with larger than FF
2. Camera available two weeks after announcement.
3. New lens line but will work with older ff lenses.
4. The sensor will be more than 24mp and the ff crop mode is greater
5. Camera is d700 sized!
6. will ship with "pro" mx kit lens.
7. She has seen the actual camera.
8. The technology is a big jump over what we have now.

What she had partial info on

1. She thought the price would be around d700 prices but was not
certain for sure.
2. Not sure how many lenses would be introduced with the camera other
the pro kit lens and an "awesome" telephoto. Did not know the actual
of the kit lens.
3. Seemed to think the sensor was a Nikon made one but not 100%.
4. D3 type body she thinks is being phased out.

She didn't indicate any of this was secret and I was really glad to
get the info. Who knows, maybe she is completely full of hot air. But
she seemed to really know. When I asked her generally about a new
Nikon camera, she said "oh yes the new mx camera is being introduced
on the 20th- available early December." Again, this was from talking
to one of the people who answer the phone in the lens repair
department. We will see what happens. Not sure how this meshes with
the BIG announcement at WPPI. And I think she must be really wrong on
the price.

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