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Re: The REAL scoop on MX!

I don't understand all the animosity toward the OP. He's stated very clearly that all he's doing is passing along some info. No need to treat it as gospel and get all worked up because it doesn't agree with your world view.

Nikon is getting quite a reputation lately for bucking the trends in the SLR market and going their own way in some regards. I think the idea of MX makes perfect sense from a marketing and technology perspective. Afterall, aren't FF and APS-C all 'artificial' standards and limitations? Its quite obvious that Nikon is not satisfied with high pixel density + low ISO performance FF like the Canons and Sonys. So, the most obvious way to circumvent this issue is to increase the sensor size.

If (and I realize this is a big if) they have managed to design and build a FF+ sensor that gives better high ISO performance than the traditional FF sensors while maintaining backward compatibility with existing FF lenses wouldn't this be hugely attractive to the professional studio shooters? Especially if it comes close to matching the Hassies, Mamiyas and Leaf's and comes in around $10K? (Yeah, I don't buy the D700 price - that's obviously false)

In the last couple of years Nikon seems to have finally realized that they were getting significantly behind Canon in the technology leader department and decided that the best strategy was to try to leapfrog the competition by redefining the high-end dSLR. The D3 and D700 were clearly the first and second salvos in this barrage. MX may be the killer blow.

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