Jousting Knight [Panning Pic]

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Re: Like it, good technique [Panning Pic]

Yes agreed....I'm a guest, and it wasn't a set up shot, so I'm at the mercy of where I am standing to afford the best shot. I was with a friend who was also shooting this, and it was his first time, so I wanted a position for him to shoot the knights coming the other way (with the sunlight on their fronts). Since I literally have hundreds of frozen knight action shots, I wanted to try something new.

VictorDB wrote:

That was rather nice, though there are two things which you probably
couldn't control, the light coloured vertical lances in the
background, which break up the nice horizontal streaks of your pan
shot, and the fact that horses dont move completely linearly, so in
getting the fine pan, the horses hindquarters moving up and down blur
a little.

It was a good attempt with nice colours and you avoided most
unneccessary blur.

Nice one,



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