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Guy Parsons
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Curious performance of xD card

Using the freebie version of Flash Memory Toolkit at a curious thing happens.

The freebie version has a quite practical file type write read test (File Benchmark) where it writes then reads 1MB, 2MB, 3MB, 4MB, and 5MB size files.

In doing relative speed checks on all my SD and CF cards lying about, they all get slightly faster at writing in MB/sec terms as the file size gets larger, tried an H type xD card and it's the reverse, it gets slower in write speed as the file size gets larger. Weird.

[edit... used a cheapo card reader that I normally use for all file uploads]

Here's the H type xD card write speeds.....
1MB files 1712 KB/sec
2MB files 1555 KB/sec
3MB files 1543 KB/sec
4MB files 1475 KB/sec
5MB files 1495 KB/sec

For comparison here's a cheapo SD card write speeds.....
1MB files 1950 KB/sec
2MB files 2405 KB/sec
3MB files 2610 KB/sec
4MB files 2718 KB/sec
5MB files 2780 KB/sec

OK it's known that I dislike xD cards, this practical write test just adds another nail in the coffin.

Regards................. Guy

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