Pixel density revisited

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John W Peterson Senior Member • Posts: 2,737
I'm going to need to think this through.

Thanks for challenging my assumptions on this issue. I'll need to think through the whole concept of image noise / image quality vs pixel density. Perhaps what I am seeing is the impact of photoshop's trying to preserve noise "detail" if I downsample a high MP digicam image.

The Fuji design uses a 12 MPix sensor to deliver the resolution of perhaps an
8MP one, in order to compensate for inadequacies of the read chain. An

improved read chain could get the same DR out of a conventional sensor, and > keep all the resolution.

I understand what you're saying (or at least part of it), but the S5 does have an ability to render images that have a certain "filmic" / beautiful image quality that seems to be unmatched in the digital world (except perhaps for the S3).

Perhaps / probably this has nothing to do with noise or DR issues, though I understand that the S5 has been reviewed as having DR greater then essentially all other dSLRs (though some come close).
Thanks again.
j. peterson

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