The Filters We Need With Digital...

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Wow. Just . . . Wow (but what about brands?)

Wow. I was just about to post a question about filters and stumbled onto this tome ;-)!!!! I am guilty of mounting the UV filters for "protection" and after dropping a lens on a corner and seeing the filter shatter, I was sold. Of course, I did not have a lens hood on :-).

OK, so there are some "trash" brands and some super brands. Which are "Good Enough?" I am aware of B + W, Hoya, Tiffen, Promaster and I think in quality they are ranked in that order. Also, I noticed in one of the articles in the thread, that multi-coating really does work. My B+W polarizer is not multi, but I think I want to pursue some of the other filters before I start upgrading what I already have (my lenses that would need filters are 67mm and 52mm. I inherited a 58mm Tiffen polarizer that spins in a free circle w/o any friction, so I assume that is one of the "lesser" brands.


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