5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: You talk as if you tested a 5D2

Barnett wrote:

genotypewriter wrote:

Two problems with your assumption:

1. If you think the AF performance is the same and the higher res is
going to accentuate the problem, why use the higher res if you can do
with 12MP? Down scale it.

True, if you want to down scale the 5DMKII images it will be no worse
than the old 5D.

2. There are other electronics that are different in the 5D2 and they
migth have a say in the AF performance...

Speed is not the problem - accuracy is. No amount of processing is
going to change the fact that the outer AF points does not have
ability to "see" at larger apertures like the center AF point does.

You're an electronics engineer but if you ever really made anything you'd know that specs don't dictate real-world performance.

Either way, when I tried the 5D2, I noticed the outer AF points were
a bit better than the original 5D... remember, this was side by side
using the same lens.

Canon says it is the same AND not even as good as the 50D (due to
size constraints). But you say it is better. So you are making
extraordinary claims here. That requires extraordinary proof.

I'm not saying it's better than the 50D because I haven't tested it next to a 50D. I'm saying I noticed an impovement in the corner points, over the 5D.

How did you test? What lenses did you use? Show us the pictures.

Focused on a point A (near) and then a point B (further away). The test was done for myself and in a very limited amount of time, without a CF card. A full blown AF test probably much harder to do than a proper cross platform noise test so don't expect ever to hear much more than "user experiences" on AF performance as you have with all the other cameras released to date... so I recommend that you go and try it out for yourself or stop telling people that what they experienced isn't true because you have a gut feeling.

At least I've used a 5D2 and tested one... you're the one whose
claims are based on leprechaunian speculations.

Keep dreaming.

No thank you.


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