Pixel density revisited

Started Oct 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
John W Peterson Senior Member • Posts: 2,737
No not sarcastic

Thanks for your comments.
I'm not trying to be sarcastic - I apologize if it appeared so.

My point was that the utility of pixel density, in comparing cameras, or more accurately sensors, is likely to vary over time. A current design sensor at a given pixel density is likely to outperfrom a similar pixel density sensor of 5 years ago. This may relate at least partly to the improvement in actual photon well size, relative to any one pixel density, and also I assume to other characteristics of the sensor that affect noise.

My own take on the utility of reporting pixel density for digital cameras, is that it may be most useful in comparing differing digicams, rather than different dSLRs. Digicam manufacturers seem, to me at least, to try to cram continuously more pixels into small, and sometimes smaller sensors. DPReview's reporting pixel density helps, in my view, to "keep the digicam manufacturers honest", or at least to put their claims of improved performance into a more realistic context.

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