How does EOS 50D perform in noise and IQ compared to 450D?

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How does EOS 50D perform in noise and IQ compared to 450D?

I recently owned the Canon 450D, but had to sell it because of economical reasons. Now I have the chance to get back to DSLR photography and was considering buying the 450D again since I liked it so much in general. But since my photographic interest is very high, I’ve lately been considering buying a semi-professional DSLR model to gain more special functions, creative control, higher speed and image quality - that's what I would except from a more professional model, anyway.

The natural choice for me would be the 50D. Buying 40D seems more like a downgrade rather than an upgrade because of the lower resolution - even though it’s much ‘better’ than the 450D on all other levels. But I have some concerns about the 50D.

First off, the 50D seems to be the first Canon DSLR that has gotten a cold reception in the media during testing. It also seems to have some disappointed users, since I know some few people who’ve actually returned the camera to the shop for another model. So they’re just a few people, but it must be the first time anyway that someone is treating a new Canon this way. These cameras have mostly been treated like a Godsend in general.

Concern #1: Increased high-ISO noise levels over 40D.
Concern #2: Decreased detail level over 40D.
(Looking at the crop test pictures from the DP-test - among others)
Concern #3: Decreased dynamic range over 40D.
Concern #4: More sensible to camera shake over 40D because of the dens sensor

I can’t have higher high-ISO noise than the 450D, since my budged doesn’t allow fast tele optics. Neither too much of decreased dynamic range since I’m a nature and animal photographer. The last concern is the highest one since some people are stating that the high density sensor on the new 15mp sensor is causing the 50D to be more sensible to camera shake and therefore more pictures may suffer from motion blur.

So my choice is to go back to 450D or get the new 50D. Noise performance and general image quality is more important to me rather than pro level functions at my budget level, so the question is simply: What’s best for me? 450D or 50D?

Thanks in advance,

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