5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: You talk as if you tested a 5D2

Barnett wrote:

You talk as if you have some strange psychological need to defend the
5DMKII, possibly because you have decided to buy it and now cannot
stand people making you doubt your decision? Either that or you have
not heard that the 5DMkII has the same AF sensor as the original 5D?

Neither... I actually tried out the 5D2 and the 5D side by side for AF... and what your claims based on?

Either way, Canon has stated that the 5DMKII has the exact same AF
sensor as the old 5D and it will therefor have the same problems as
the old 5D - only magnified by the higher resolution sensor.

Two problems with your assumption:

1. If you think the AF performance is the same and the higher res is going to accentuate the problem, why use the higher res if you can do with 12MP? Down scale it.

2. There are other electronics that are different in the 5D2 and they migth have a say in the AF performance...

Either way, when I tried the 5D2, I noticed the outer AF points were a bit better than the original 5D... remember, this was side by side using the same lens.

But if you want to believe that the 5DMKII AF will somehow be
magically better than the old 5D then please do not let me stop you
from believing that.

At least I've used a 5D2 and tested one... you're the one whose claims are based on leprechaunian speculations.


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