5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: Same here

Barnett wrote:

Dragos Nenciu wrote:

Actually in my experience I find that the outer points are pretty
unreliable even in good light. The center point is good and works
well even in low light but a 1 point AF is kind of ridiculous this
day and time.

My experience is the same. With the 85mm f/1.2 I have had the outer
AF points back focusing by a mile in bright outdoor light (1/8000s,
f/1.2, ISO100). Yet in the same light the center AF point is always
spot on.


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Yes the center point on the 5d is much better than the 20D and rebel I had before. But the rest of the points are an after thought.

I find the coverage and AF on the 1dmk3 to be amazing is the best of any camera on the market except maybe the D300.

It's a crop camera and only 10mpx but the images it creates are really good.

I would love a 1dsmk3 as the 21mpx would create super sharp and detailed images with the right lenses but can't afford it for now. Ah well I think I'll wait until it drops in price enough.

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