5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: f/4 - Ha, ha, ha....

woolcan wrote:

I used my 5D all weekend shooting the Keeneland Horse sales. I used
off center af on all my pics at ISO 6400 and they are good enough for
newspaper print. They also look fine for 4 X 6's or 5 X 7's. I
wouldn't go much past that.. but the comments about the 5d focusing
being no good except the center af is wrong.

I am sorry but I did not buy a 12 MP camera for "good enough for newspaper print". Different people have different requirements but my guess is that what you would consider to be "good enough", I would just delete.

If you want to get a sharp photo at the full 12 MP resolution capability of the 5D you have to nail the focus. The 5D simply cannot do this at large apertures using the outer AF points. And good luck trying to get a sharp 20 something MP photo from the 5D Mk II with that same AF sensor...


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