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tko . . .

It seems to me that every camera-buying decision is a compromise. I loved the 1D mkII image quality, handling, crop factor, AF, AE . . . just about everything was great EXCEPT it was heavier and larger than I would have liked, resolution was a little lower than I would have liked, high ISO performance was good, but I would have liked better, it had a much poorer UI than the current 1 series (or 5D for that matter), the battery was big, heavy and had poor performance in very hot weather. The 5D came out and met some of my concerns about the 1DmkII in terms of size, weight, resolution, UI, better high ISO perfromance -- but there were the trade-offs: less sophisticated AF and AE, and poor weather sealing being the most notable for me.

I had to decide what was most important to me and my type of photography, and then I had to determine whether there were any deal-breakers for me in the 5D. My best guess was that the 5D's plusses outweighed its minus's for ME and there were no absolute deal-breakers. But I did hang on to my 1D mkII for quite awhile before I was convinced that the 5D could meet all of my needs (including my granddaughter's softball games in light rain).

Like you, I would gladly pay an extra $1000 or two for a 5D form factor with 1-series AF, AE and weather sealing (the mythical 3D) -- but it doesn't exist and I still have to take photographs. (With my luck, I'll buy the 5D mkII in December and Canon will announce a $5000 3D-type camera in February -- I'll cry, but I'll survive the shock.)

It seems to me that you, and others who are not content with the 5D mkII, will have to determine if the 5D mkII meets your needs better than any other camera you are willing to buy. If it does, then you need to buy it, learn to love it and stop moaning. If something else has a better mix of features for your photography, then you need to buy it, learn to love it and stop moaning.

Now that those who wish Canon had done more with the 5D upgrade have spent a month and many, many threads bemoaning the fact (and by extension, letting Canon know their feelings) -- it is time to accept reality for what it is, decide what your best option is and then take it. I don't think there will EVER be a perfect camera.

Best Wishes,


tko wrote:

"I just wish they'd go out and buy something that DOES meet their
needs and quit harping on the issue."

That's the whole problem. No one would be knocking the 5dII is there
was something else that did what they wanted - they'd just buy it,
like you suggest. But what?

A 50d? Worse noise than the 40d, ISO 1600 is pretty bad.

A Mark III? 10 MP seems awfully tame, is that AF OK now?, about due
for a replacement

An Nikon D700? Who wants to switch brands and lenses and learn a new

I'd spend another $500-$1000 or so to get a 5d w/a better AF and
slightly faster frame rate.

No one is picking on the 5d just for fun. Like is or not, the 50d is
Canon's best, affordable (under $5000), all around camera. After
that, you have to specialize, and get a sports camera or a wedding
camera. Sure, I'm going to buy both and take them on vacation with me?

You'd think if I'm willing to spend $3500 or TRIPLE the price I
could get a Canon that was better than the 50d in all respects, not
just one or two specific areas.

So, I promise you, as soon as Canon comes out w/a 15 MP mk III at
under $4000 street I'll stop whining.

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