On DPReview and RAW Converters

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Woody W.
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On DPReview and RAW Converters

The recent blog post about the Canon EOS 50D review, and the ensuing discussion, left me with one big question - why don't the reviewers just include BOTH sets of images in their reviews?

DPR want to use ACR because it gives them a level of "consistency". That's fine, except that ACR might be just as consistently "wrong" as it is right.

People want to know what the camera can do, not neccessarily what Adobe can do with their files.

So, why not provide comparisons in the form:

Camera A JPG - Camera B JPG
Camera A MFG - Camera B MFG
Camera A ACR - Camera B ACR
Camera A MFG - Camera A ACR

JPG being the in-camera JPEG output
MFG being the output of the manufacturer's included RAW converter
ACR being Adobe's converted output

This provides the "level playing field" DPRreview hopes to achieve with ACR, but still allows for the possibility of ACR being "wrong" by showing what the manufacturers think the best possible output from the camera should be.

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