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Re: all done using center focus? (n/t)

Helmut_S wrote:

exactly. here is one with the 1D3, at at F1.2, 1/200th, ISO 3200, of
a moving subject, a folk dancer, about 10 feet away, with the topmost
AF point on her eye/eyebrow in portrait mode. Can your 5D do this?

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I know what you mean. Just got a 1dmk3 and find myself amazed that I can finally frame the photos the way I like and just choose a focus point point that fits the framing.

It just makes the whole shooting experience so much better.

I had no focus problems with my 5d using the center point, but I am just so tired of focus recompose.

The 1dmk3 would be great if it was FF and 15mpx. I don't think FF will happen anytime soon as the AF would cover less than it does now and that would not be good for sports/tracking.

How do you find the high iso noise of the 1dmk3?

Personally I don't find a huge diff with the 5d. Seems to be about the same in bright areas maybe 1/2 stop better. And maybe 1/2-1 stop better in the shadows.
I thought it would be more. Maybe I have to learn it's ins and outs more.

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