Where's the 'Hey, Stupid!' indicator? [7 pics for CC]

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Where's the 'Hey, Stupid!' indicator? [7 pics for CC]

I try to return my camera to a group of default settings whenever I put it away, including ISO 200 (although I rarely change this setting). My son had a twilight soccer game last week, though, and I took some shots at ISO 1600. I'm sure you can guess where this is heading...

I got up at 4am last Saturday to arrive at this waterfall before daybreak. The fall foliage was gorgeous, and the light was good. I took a ton of shots before noticing my shutter speeds were rather high. Yep, I was still on ISO 1600.

(I do know about WIFE. It just hasn't become a habit for me yet.)

Despite the noise, I'd appreciate your comments on these photos. All are with the D70s; many are with CPL and some with an additional ND filter. Some are merged from multiple exposures using layer masks. All but #5 and #7 are with the Sigma 10-20.

1) Looking upstream

2) Early light

3) Top of the falls

4) Little River Falls

5) Falls and reflections (18-70 DX). The sun is starting to encroach here...

I realized my mistake about the time the sun hit the falls, too late to re-take any of these. Out of desperation I hung around and fired off a few more shots:

6) Reflecting pool

7) Down the canyon (70-200 VR)

Thanks for looking!

Flat view
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