Has anyone done infrared photos with the D90?

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Re: Has anyone done infrared photos with the D90?

Hi Lisa.

I upgraded from a D40, which I had used to do a little bit of IR photography with. The D40 is an excellent camera for it, and I used an attatchable filter. Cheapo ebay one at that.

The way I did it: I attatched the filter to my chosen lens. The I'd chose tungsten light as my white balance. Bump up the iso to 800, and then fire away. I shot hand held, which mostly worked fine in sunny conditions. I'd get a shutter speed raning from 1/10th of a second to 1/30th of a second. f 3.5 to around 5 combined with a wide angle on the lens, that worked out fine. After you've shot the photos I'd recommend doing some work in PS to get the colours "right".

But attatching the filter to the D90 when I got it made me realise that atleast for me, there is very little point doing IR photography with the D90. By using pretty much the same settings as I used on my D40, I didn't get anything close to a good exposure.

But I suppose if you have a tripod, you could lower the shutterspeed to around 15 or 30 seconds and see what happens. From what I understand, there is always some infrared light that gets through the cameras filter. So if you have a subject that is stationary, and isn't being affected by wind it should be alright.


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