Professional Wedding with K200D, but mostly Canon 5D:) 13 IMGS

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thanks guys

I sincerely believe that my age is a problem for prospective clients and also for guests at a wedding. For example if I turn up to a client meeting, they are always half surprised - but they change their mind after seeing my product - which is what counts really. And also the occasional snide remarks from guests who are amateur or enthusiast photographers too - 'did the main photographer forget to turn up?' or 'which side of the family are u from?' LOL

But as a professional there are 3 things that sets u apart in the wedding

1. ability to deliver results again and again and again, day in and day out - consistency

2. have a thick skin for abuse and handle pushy people

3. be confident and good at communications - if u can walk into a reception and look like u know what u are doing, and be able to direct ppl firmly for poses and also socialise with them etc, u are halfway there to doing a decent job - even before taking a photo

Honestly, I only started doing weddings because of the money to sponsor my overseas trips to Asia for charity work every year and other stuff. I am not that passionate about it as when I am shooting fashion and fine art, and travel photography as I am a journalist also.

So if u guys plan to do this a lot, find passion in it and look forward to a tiring and stressful day every weekend, but it is very rewarding. Ive got a wedding tomorrow for 10 hrs and I just want to sleep in.....hahaha

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