5D AF sucks---see examples

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but what camera to buy?

"I just wish they'd go out and buy something that DOES meet their needs and quit harping on the issue."

That's the whole problem. No one would be knocking the 5dII is there was something else that did what they wanted - they'd just buy it, like you suggest. But what?

A 50d? Worse noise than the 40d, ISO 1600 is pretty bad.

A Mark III? 10 MP seems awfully tame, is that AF OK now?, about due for a replacement

An Nikon D700? Who wants to switch brands and lenses and learn a new system?

I'd spend another $500-$1000 or so to get a 5d w/a better AF and slightly faster frame rate.

No one is picking on the 5d just for fun. Like is or not, the 50d is Canon's best, affordable (under $5000), all around camera. After that, you have to specialize, and get a sports camera or a wedding camera. Sure, I'm going to buy both and take them on vacation with me?

You'd think if I'm willing to spend $3500 or TRIPLE the price I could get a Canon that was better than the 50d in all respects, not just one or two specific areas.

So, I promise you, as soon as Canon comes out w/a 15 MP mk III at under $4000 street I'll stop whining.

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