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you already have a diagnostic software...

inside your camera.

Some half year ago when I picked up my 1DIII from service and came home I discovered to my own surprise that my camera has more menu options than ever before (factory menu group of items and procedures). All of them were self diagnostic functions for camera. Out of my curiosity I even entered one of them (LCD and other displays diagnostic) and the camera started to display various colors and patterns on LCD and testing other displays however I had a big trouble in navigating through the tests and only some random pressing of various buttons finally did any progress. Even using the power off switch didn't work at all and I was stuck in this testing for some 10 minutes with no way out. After random tries I finally got out of the tests and never tried another one as I didn't have any manual for it however I remember that there were numerous other procedures for particular components of camera listed in the "Factory menu" branch. Otherwise the camera was working normally.

When I called the service they said they forgot to switch the camera from service mode back to user mode. Unfortunately I was not able to do it by myself as this could only be done by connecting to service software at their computer. I asked for sharing the software with me online so I don't have to go back 400 km to the CPS, but they didn't buy it of course :-). I had to go back and the operation took them about 1 minute to switch it back and the mysterious menu options disappeared forever.

I think it was camera self diagnostic only and not the calibration of the AF however I didn’t check all of the options so possibly it was also there. Anyway without documentation it was kind of a “darkroom experience” without any red light :-).

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