Nikon D700/D3 & Sigma 24/1.8

Started Oct 5, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: great samples!

Hiya, I'm afraid I only have to 20mm, although I imagine that in terms of focussing the two are pretty similar. The 20 is likely to be slower actually due to the heavier glass.. I find it focusses pretty fast on the D700 under real world situations. Focussing from an object as close as possible and then focussing to an object 'at infinity' takes about a second, however.. I've always found it acquires focus pretty accurately (it certainly helps that it doesn't have a very narrow depth of field at all once an object's a couple of metres away).

One annoying thing that I think applies to each of Sigma's three wide 1.8s is that to change to manual focus you need to change on the camera (as usual) and then click the lens focus ring into manual position. Alternatively you can leave the ring in the MF position while setting the camera to AF, but then the (large) ring rotates as focussing takes place. I don't manual focus much, but if I did I think I'd find this system irritating. Once in manual focus, however, the ring is smooth enough and has travels a decent distance, but is a bit light for my taste.. Let me know if there's anything else you're curious about concerning this lens!

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