5D AF sucks---see examples

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Ken C. Smith wrote:

Great set of images!

It is a shame that some people think that they must go out of their
way to down-play the focusing abilities of the 5D on any possible

You were NOT in a situation where you couldn't use the center
focusing point, so you used it. Nothing wrong with that, no reason
for criticism. In fact, most people concede that the 5D focuses well
with the center point.
The images you took lent themselves to a centered composition --
nothing wrong with that (and you were far enough away that you could
have used focus and compose without difficulty if you had wanted).
Are there situations where professionals need to use other than the
center point in low light? Yes indeed there are -- and for that
reason, the 5D is not their camera of choice.
The images you took had lots of contrasty areas where you could focus
-- not your frault. Are there situations where professionals need to
focus in the absense of high contrast? Yes there are and the 5D might
not be their camera of choice for those situations.

That said, there is a whole world of photography that the 5D focus
system handles very well. It's as the British would say a " horses
for courses " sort of thing.

Is this the most rigorous test of focusing ability? No, it's not --
but it is probably somewhat closer to what the "average" 5D user is
likely to run into in general photography than the worst case
scenarios that some are want to propose.

Are there situations for which the 5D (and by extension the 5D mkII)
would not be the best choice? Oh, yeah! But most professionals who
need to operate in those situations don't try to do it with a 5D.

The 5D happens to focus very well in the types of photography that I
do ( a lot of low light, high ISO images in dimly lit warehouses,
some brochure/catalogue work, and some event photography) so I'm very
happy with its focusing ability. But I DO understand that people with
other needs will not find the 5D (or 5D mkII) aceptable -- I just
wish they'd go out and buy something that DOES meet their needs and
quit harping on the issue. The glass can't be half empty ALL of the
time. The 5D is what it is and I don't have any problem accepting

Best wishes,


Hi Ken,

You clearly made the point that I was trying to make. For those of you who are wondering I was just being sarcastic. I’m very tired of hearing all these people complaining about AF of 5D. You have to know the limits of 5D and try not to push it. All the pictures I posted were in focus. All the issues I encountered were my fault and not the camera. I used the center focus points because that is the most reliable and I knew this going in. I can always crop to my taste if I don’t want my target to be centered. I did not try to make 5D behave like D3 or IDSmK111 and complain about it later.

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