5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: Congrats!

amobi wrote:

Who cares if I use center focus point as long as I get the job done.
And I can easily print 16X20 of these shots. I don't see anything
different from the site you suggested for low light tips.

Honestly, no one should care how you're getting the job done so long as it's done but at the point where anyone posts photos as an example of a camera's capabilities, they have to expect that technique, settings and lenses used will be scrutinized.

All I was saying is that no one questions that the 5D or 5D Mark II are capable of focusing with the combination of lenses, settings and composition in the photos you posted. In fact, I think people would be completely up in arms if your shots proved it couldn't.

What people do question is the ability of the camera to accurately focus at shallow depths of field using the outer AF points.

Where my work differs from the shots you posted is that 80+% of it is shot at f/2.8 or faster with a point of focus off center enough to demand that I rely on a non-center AF point or be forced to focus+recompose to achieve critical focus on the performer's eyes.

And since we know how well focus+recompose works at f1.4 - f/2.8....


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