5D AF sucks---see examples

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Re: 5D AF sucks---see examples

tko wrote:

Well, those are nice photos, congraduations, but it says nothing
about the AF. You probably have about four feet of DOF at F4, so
critical focus isn't really important (plus w/that photo size you
can't really tell if you have critical focus.) You have lots of
contrast at the center, and the subjects are dead centered, piece of
cake for any dSLR really.

Now, try a upper body shot of gymnast at F1.4 indoors running
towards you : ) A few inches of DOF, over 10 times more critical.
Things get sticky very quickly. I know, I know, repeat after me, the
5d isn't a sports camera.

Those were taken with 70-200 F4, right ?? So, good photos, but no
need to get defensive about the AF. If it's good enough for you
that's great.

That's the point. It is good enough for what I do. I took some at f2.8 and nailed it each time.

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